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I was just wondering if any of you were still rping out there? I didn't realise I still was able to post to this group... but here it is and I am. Message me - it's been years, but that just means my characters have matured some.

Looking for a new home?

Hey Steelsingers!

I admit, I found SS right before it died, and so I probably don't know many of you. However, I thought some of you might be interested in Eastern Lands, a play-by-post forum RP that takes place a hundred years before The Song of the Lioness.  We have several ex-SSers with us, so hopefully you'll find old friends and make new ones!  (I'm cross-posting this to a few TP communities; I apologize in advance to those of you who are in more than one.)

~bookaddict88/Misha/Jennifer (depending on where you know me from. XD)



It might as well be the motto of Tortall's new King. Twenty-three year old Baird holds a wild court while the conservative lords of his father's generation run the country; raising taxes to pay for the lavish court.

The Cult of Gentle Mother is entrenched and women are feeling the push toward the hearth. Female knights and provost guards are being pressured out of their jobs.


Eastern Lands is a PG-13, intermediate, play-by-post forum roleplay dedicated to being a friendly and creative community. Set in Tamora Pierce's world of Tortall over a hundred years before The Song of the Lioness.


You! Yeah, all you ex-Steelsingers, everyone watching this thread nostalgically and wistfully, everyone who didn't join Fort Steadfast or didn't enjoy it or for whatever reason wants something more!

Remember how, when you were thirteen and you found SS for the first time, you had this awesome Wild Mage character who had a pet griffin and was half-goddess and oh, OH, her brother who was a mage-knight?

And the mods raised one eyebrow and sent you off to make something slightly resembling a normal human being?

Okay, well, break that 'Sue back out of whatever crate you've stowed s/him in!

Introducing... St. Dymphna's Academy! It's a place for all those characters who are just too Special to fit in an actual canon.

Dudes! You read that correctly!

Welcome to St. Dymphna's Academy!

A few months ago, julyflame put together a Mary Sue sort of roleplay. The goal? To throw a bunch of Super Awesome, Uber Special, Most Wonderfully Unique Of All The Universe characters together in a private-school-type setting, and see what happened.

Thus far, it's been pretty fun! We've had a few students accidentally create an AI, a demon overcome a curse by praying to the gods (apparently), a werewolf and a ranger team up to put together a student hunt, a beach trip, and numerous other adventures, incidents, and exploits!

But I think it'll be more fun when we've got more people!

Jooinnnn usssss...

Here's what you need:
-Basic English Skills (Please, please, please don't use l33tspeak. It hurts ussss, precioussss.)
-A love of storytelling, or characterization, or text-based adventures, or... something (Have fun! That's why we're here! It's more fun if everyone's enjoying themselves!)

And you guys, you've got roleplay experience, which is an added bonus-- the admin is desperate for Older and Wiser folks to help out those new to the scene.

If you'd like to get to know the community a little better, we have an IRC channel, #stdymphnasacademy (I use chat.mibbit.com (type irc.blitzed.org under the server-drop-down menu), but I gather there are a few avenues.)

New roleplay created by Steelsingers

Crossposted from abenteurer

Pretty Please?
The Fort Steadfast RolePlay should be opening up sometime on Sunday. So, I'm asking if people would like to make a profile and join us for the festivities? You can find the character sheet up on the forum. (www.fortsteadfast.com/forum)

If you're feeling lazy, you can even take an old character, erase all SS-specific stuff, and simply repost it in the Profiles section.


Jemma and Marjorie

I (Alicia) will be away for a week (til August 2nd or so), so I thought I might as well do character excuses for Jemma and Marjorie.
Jem: Very busy with her brother's shop and life in general this week; feel free to have your character drop by the shop to chat/visit if they're good enough friends.
Marji: One of her sisters is sick and her workplace is demanding this week. So, she won't be hanging around the Inn or with anyone. She really doesn't have any friends who will be missing her anyway.

Stephan - About Fauna

     (Written in Stephan's journal on May 30th. )
I have met the most amazing girl at this new bar I have been frequenting- called the Divine Realms II.  It's a bit of an odd place, there are a lot of girls in breeches.  At first I didn't like it but I am now learning that my mom and dad aren't always right because this one girl at the inn told me that Alanna the Lioness is real!  I was really shocked because they had always told me that all the stories about lady knights were fake and that girls in breeches were wrong, but now I don't believe them so much anymore because I have met some really nice girls in breeches. I have also figured out that girls aren't only for birth and that they don't like being referred to in that way.  At first I flirted with the pretty girls a lot at the inn but I got a few death threats and a lot of people who didn't like me so I decided to stop, which was a good decision.

But, before I stopped flirting, I met Fauna.  She is so amazing and pretty and cute.  She thought I was drunk because I was falling and stumbling and that but I do it naturally and I tried to explain it to her but she thought I was more drunk.  I started flirting with her and she actually flirted back and girls never ever flirt back with me.  But she did! And she was a little scared at first but I kept at it and I think maybe she likes me too now! I'm so exited to see her again, I'm hoping that she'll come soon.  I want to see her so badly, I really do.  I've never felt this way about a girl before.  Never ever.



This note is folded in half and sealed with some wax, then shoved under the basement door late on the night of Monday, April 7th.  

z shana

mester jof

mester daryl


ye need to no sum fella is buggin a wemen hos preggers in yer in. he is the same won ho was buggin me in yer partay at the palace.  thay call hem jim.




Seeing girlfriend's father - Drake

Wow I am going to see Naiome's father and as myself. I am so happy but so nervous at the same time. I wonder what he will think of his daughter dating a killer. I guess I should just keep it as I am a guard. But is that any better? Well I at least love her and she loves me.

Written in Drake's journal

Three weeks hiatus

Hello my lovelies! I'm going away for three weeks, so I won't be around until the middle of January. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Character excuses:

Evelyn: Swept up in work
Jacub: Going crazy at the idea of being a father and is spending as much time at home with the newly knocked up Relle as he can.
Ciele: Causing trouble else-where in Corus, will regularly visit Lillian, Penelope, Joff and Shana though. For cuddles and for food.



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